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Caldas da Rainha: 
one of Portugal's best kept secrets

The Telegraph 

+ Sun, sea, park, thermae

+ Art, craft, design, music

+ Growing with Lisbon

Relocating? Retiring? Investing? Doing business? Caldas da Rainha, your next home


Forseeing Europeans and Americans had  choosen Caldas da Rainha to profit of this new life-phase. All the year long or  in winter and summer time.

Visit Caldas and you will see why.


A great city to live and cheap: best climate, thermae, windy fresh air, warm winters, parks, lakes, ocean, historical cities, Lisbon, universities, cultural events...Yes, it's all true: read more...


Lisbon area is considered to become one of the best in the world. Here you are at 40 minutes and with better tranquillity and lesser costs. Consider this.

It will grow.


Nothing better than the Silver Coast: beautiful natural and historical places in a land not so touched by tourists - sorry :) .

Genuine holidays in a genuine land!

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